UK police today reported more details on the attack. The name of perpetrator has been published, and it has been confirmed that the attack was a suicide bombing. More importantly, the authorities have also said that the bomber did not work alone, and the terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility.

The UK has raised its threat-level to “severe”, up from “critical”, which is the highest threat level on the scale. This indicates that the authorities are concerned more attacks may be imminent. Some 800 soldiers will be deployed alongside armed police at key sites and act as guards as events and similar. The soldiers will be under police command. These measures are said to be very temporary.

Travel advice

The primary concern must be that of further attack(s). We have no way of knowing where or when such attacks may occur, or indeed if they will occur at all. Countermeasures are difficult unless one is prepared to basically stay indoors.

Note the added security. This may cause further travel disruptions and delays, including at airports. Travelers must be aware that the situation is being taken very seriously by the authorities, and that the presence of armed police and soldiers has been increased. The security forces are apt to be on hair triggers given the prospect of imminent attack. Be mindful of all directions and commands issued by officers, and be patient if delays arise.