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Founder and CEO speaks on compliance

As always Health Insurance Instantly is at the very forefront of the latest developments within health insurance and travel insurance.

CEO Martin von Kiær addresses the international “Excellence in Health Insurance” conference, held in the heart of the German capital Berlin on 23-24 March 2017. Martin focuses on the crucial areas of compliance and regulation which have come to the van of developments in the sector, and which is of key importance to the whole industry: Insurers, clients, and brokers. Compliance is a source of risk as well of opportunity, and understanding how to handle it is paramount.

The conference is a high level venue for international experts within the sector. Health Insurance Instantly will contribute with expertise, experience, and insight into the compliance issue.

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About US

Health Insurance Instantly

What we do

Health Insurance Instantly is a global insurance distributor and insurance agent based in Denmark. We offer high-quality insurance products from leading international insurance companies. We serve corporate clients and individuals who need international health insurance or specialized insurance products.

The products we offer

We offer international health insurance for individuals and families, as well as companies. This includes fully Obama-care compliant products.

We offer travel insurance for single and multi-trip travelers, available to individuals and corporate clients both.

We offer international student insurance for those studying abroad.

We also offer a line of specialized products, including protection for high-net-worth individuals, key staff-, and sports insurance. These are often bespoke solutions.


Through IIDA we facilitate making micro-insurance available on brand-new, solar powered WI-FI nets in developing markets. This offers not just sound business but increases the developmental potential of local communities where it is needed the most.

To learn more about IIDA and micro-insurance on WI-FI nets, please visit the IIDA site.

How we do it 

Why is Health Insurance Instantly different? Because we offer international health insurance online. That’s right: You can actually buy your health insurance here and now if you want to. If you prefer a quote we will supply one for you, fast

Why is this an advantage? First, we take the hassle out of insurance by minimizing administration. All you have to do is inform us of your location, needs and requirements. In return, we instantly offer you a quote and the option of buying the perfectly fitted insurance online then and there. No agents, no paperwork, no hassle. Secondly, we make insurance transparent by decreasing the steps you must follow from signing up to getting the help you need. Simply, honestly put: Health Insurance Instantly wants to change how you see health insurance by offering you an affordable insurance solution tailor-made for you.

Some bespoke products will require a little more work. We respond very fast and make sure you obtain the right insurance solution quickly, efficiently and without the hassle many are used to when it comes to insurance products.

Who are we?

The management of Health Insurance Instantly is a team with decades of combined experience within the health insurance and travel insurance industry.

Martin von Kiær
2015 –
CEO, Health Insurance Instantly
2014 – 2010:
CEO, Globality S.A., Luxembourg
CSO, ERV Denmark (Munich Re), Denmark
Regional Manager, Codan (Royal Sun), DK
Underwriter, Hafnia/Codan (Royal Sun), DK



Thomas Meldgaard
2015 –
Legal Director, Health Insurance Instantly
Senior Legal Council, Globality S.A., Luxembourg
Corporate Legal Advisor, Nordic Health Care/ERV Denmark (Munich Re)
Legal Council, Lærerstandens Branforsikring (Danish full line Insurer)’
Key Account Manager, SOS International, Denmark
Area Manager, International Health Insurance (IHI), Denmark




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We are under supervision by the Danish FSA.